Whats a Great Small Survival Kit?

Whats a Great Small Survival Kit?

Survive-A-Can of course! You CAN Survive!

Lets review all the contents and talk about why we chose what we did.

  • Hand Made Beeswax Candle x2 - This item is a focal point of the kit, beeswax overall burns hotter and longer than most other types of wax used in candles. In the tealight size depending on condition you can expect 3-5 hours of burn time. 
  • Compressed Towel x2 - You have seen these all over the place, just add water and its a great little towel and has many uses!
  • Cotton Ball x10 - These have many uses including adding some whtite petrolatum to be a fire starter! Neat info - the petrolatum only really burns if you have something to "wick" it away, hence the cotton-balls!
  • Fishing Hooks x6 - Sizes may vary but always a great and useful item. Survival fishing is a great idea always!
  • Fishing Split Shot x5 -  Always needed and it just takes one to keep the line balanced!
  • Fishing Worms x2 - Neat little bait worms, tried these out a lot with just a plain hook and got a few hits!
  • Folding Razor Blade - Very sharp and love that it folds down, great kit item and loved finding this over just putting in individually wrapped razor blades
  • Fresnel Lens - You may think redundant but its great to single, great to help you see, can even start a fire in a pinch!
  • Kevlar String 5 Yds - Always need cordage and the cord included is 100lb test!
  • KeyChain Light - This won't last forever but with the LED bulb in it however if you use it sparingly as you survive you should get 8-12 hours of light from this! A very neat and useful little item especially before you are well established in your survival situation
  • Matchbook - Why not a lighter? I wish! Lots of issues trying to find these in bulk plus these days USPS has some pretty intense shipping requirements for lighters. So we get a nice little matchbook instead! Made in USA and contains 20 matches. Mainly included to light the candles!
  • Mylar Bag 1qt - Storage for all items in the kit if you use the can other ways! Carry water in this, cut it up and add to shoes for insulation! Lots of neat options and are very useful in more ways than one. 
  • Needle x2 - The needles included are pretty heavy duty and meant to repair clothes or secure things in a survival situation.
  • Pink Salt Packet x2 - Nutrition! Pink salt is a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as adding some taste to a really crazy situation! Creature comforts are always great. 
  • Safety Pin x2 - Also a many uses item, fix clothing, secure items, secure a sling! I have even seen this fashioned into a fishing hook!
  • Skin Closure Strip x5 - These are great and a good alternative to a band-aid type dressing. Can keep the skin pulled tight on mid sized injuries. Leave on until they fall off!
  • Survival Matches x3 - For creating fire! Make sure to use the cotton balls and plenty of tinder.  Note the underside of the lid has a striker on it for these.
  • Thread/Fishing Line 30 Yds - Heavy duty bonded nylon thread. Holds about 10 pounds and can fix and clothing issues you may have as well as hold a decent sized fish!
  • White Petrolatum Packet - Can use this on your skin for minor abrasions! Also doubles as a fuel for the cotton balls to get a fire going. 
  • Wire 20 Gauge 2 Yds - Maybe you use this to secure a rock on a stick? Full caveman! Whatever you want; however my main thought was to have this in the kit for the sake of snaring small game.  

Overall this kit went thru a good amount of testing and we eventually came up with these items as great essentials.  Its compact size allows it to be tossed anywhere and can be very useful/practical when you least expect it. A great addition to any amount of survival or prepper gear! Make sure to check out Issue Alpha today!

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