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Beeswax Body Balm Cedarwood

Beeswax Body Balm Cedarwood

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—Ingredients for this Product:
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Olive Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil

—Cautions: Because this product contains Lemongrass Oil, it is not intended for children under the age of 2, or women who are breastfeeding or pregnant

Our Body Balms and Lotion Bars are handmade with care in small batches, with thoughtfully-chosen, high quality ingredients.

We started making these Balms and Lotion Bars when nothing was helping mine and our daughter’s eczema. I wanted to create a product that had both few and only helpful ingredients for our skin.

Because this product does not contain water, for best results apply after a shower or hand-washing to really lock in that moisture.

—About Our Ingredients:

Beeswax (USA sourced, triple-filtered, cosmetic grade)
Shea Butter (Organic, virgin, raw, unrefined, cold-pressed)
Cocoa Butter (Organic, Raw, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed)
Olive Oil (Organic, Extra Virgin)
Coconut Oil: (Organic, Virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed)
Essential Oils (guaranteed 100% pure, natural, and authentic; never contains more than a sensitive skin-friendly 0.5% dilution rate)
Vitamin E Oil

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