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Handmade Sea Glass Painting - Butterflies at Dusk

Handmade Sea Glass Painting - Butterflies at Dusk

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This is a 1 of 1 Work of Art from Artist MB titled "Butterflies at Dusk"

This artwork is painted with professional grade watercolor paint on a canvas panel.  All Sea Glass used in this piece was hand-foraged personally by the artist and her husband from the shores of the Bering Sea while they lived in Nome, Alaska. For paintings containing pebbles, they were also hand-foraged personally from the shores of Lake Michigan.  Waxed cord and glass beads are also commonly used. Each item is attached to the canvas panel with industrial strength glue to ensure it stays secure.

This artwork is painted on an 8x10 canvas panel and comes in a 8x10 inch shadowbox frame.

This piece contains RARE cobalt blue and RARE porcelain Sea Glass. It also contains brown and light blue Sea Glass, pebbles from Lake Michigan, glass beads, and waxed cord. 

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